Gary DePury

After a lengthy Military career as a US Army Counterintelligence Agent, I decided to attend Law School in Florida.

Since I have been involved in Real Estate and have owned my own firm since 2002, I always believed I would solely practice Real Estate Law, however I decided that I truly enjoy helping folks who find themselves involved in the criminal justice system and spend a lot of my time trying to even the odds for them.

DUI practice has become one of my focus areas and I am certified to conduct the same Roadside sobriety tests that the police use to determine whether to make an arrest. This means that I can view the video and find every tactic that the police officer used to ensure that the person would fail the test and end up in handcuffs, which often happens.

Dedicated to his Clients

Gary's dedication to his clients knows no bounds. He owns his own Piper Pathfinder airplane that he uses to serve his clients across the state of Florida. Gary can be in any county within three hours, ready to go to court and defend his client.